New Site for Cambridge Kits

Hi everyone. it’s two years since I started Cambridge Kits. Within a couple of months of starting it I was offer a job that  I really could not turn down. Consequently Cambridge Kits got put on the back burner. Now, two year have passed and I’m settle into the job it’s time to start looking at my hobby/business.

The reason I set up Cambridge Kits in the first place was to have a income during my retirement. To be honest I was not looking for a new job. But I could not turn down the offer. It was not only well paid, it was also the dream job working in automotive and motorsport, something I had done 20 years earlier. 
 However we all get older and need to look towards the future. There will come a time when I don’t want to rush round the world looking after electronic systems. So it’s time to start to working on some designs for model railway electronics.  I’m fortunate as I’m currently involved with the design of equipment which will go into production in several years time. This means I’m working with the latest technologies, I hope to be able to include much of this technology in to my new products. Please stay tuned – I’m going to run this site as a blog for a few months and try and give an idea of what I’m working on. Then at some point I’ll turn it in to a full web page where I’ll be selling the kits.