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CK System 16 has been designed to provide more than just a single board project kits. By having a common form-factor the separate boards can be assembled to make a much larger system. Originally designed with the model railway enthusiast in mind. CK16 allows the constructor a huge amount of flexibility to design their own control system. Whilst there are numerous pre-built products, they all suffer from either being very expensive or having little flexibility it how they can be configured. At the heart of building a model railway is often the requirement of building something quite unique. With the off the shelf systems this is often nearly impossible.

CK16-03 Processor Unit - Data Sheet

The processor board is the brains of the CK16 system. Designed on the same common foot print as our other boards, allowing systems to be built by either stacking the boards on top of each other, making a compact unit ideal for mounting behind a panel. Of fitting them to a base board to produce a slim-line control panel, or indeed any other way you wish to configure them. Whilst you can control our modules with other peoples processor boards such as the Arduino, Raspberry Pi even the BBC micro:bit The CK16-03 is undoubtedly the most elegant and easiest option. And by far the easiest to program and get running.


£13.19 - Pre Order expected delivery 5th April 2017


CK16-PB14 14way Booster Module

The CK16-14way booster, provides a way of boosting the output from not only our processor module, but also processor boards from other people such as the Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Typically these modules won't supply more power than needed to drive a standard LED. If you wish to have multiple LEDs or high intensity LEDs you will need more current capacity. This module will give you that facility. It also allows a separate high current supply to be used.
For example the Woodland Scenics lights need a supply of around 16v to drive their LED lights.



£6.58 - Pre Order expected delivery 5th April 2017

CK16-I2C - Data Sheet

The CK16-I2C module provides a way of adding additional outputs not only from our processor module, but any other processor boards which support the I2C protocol, such as the Arduino or Raspberry Pi.
Each module will provide up to 16 I/O ports which can be configured as either in or out. Further more up to eight modules can be cascaded on the I2C bus to give 128 I/O ports. The ports on their own can only drive low current leds. However the module can be connected to the 8 way or 16way booster module can switch outputs at up to 200mA per channel.


£10.66 - Pre Order expected delivery 5th April 2017

Audio Amplifier

CK16-AA 1w x 1w stereo audio power amplifier

Running from a 5v - 12v supply The CK16-AA is designed to drive a small pair of stereo loudspeakers or can be used as a very powerful headphone amplifier. This unit is ideal to go with our MP3 module, which can be driven from the CK16-01 Processor Unit.





CK16-MP3 Audio Player

The CK16-MP3 is an MP3 and WAV file player. The perfect addition to the CK16-AA audio amplifier.
When combined with a processor module this allows various sound effect to be triggered from sensors or timed events. The unit provides two channels of audio. Some people may wish to use this as a stereo output. or use the two channels as totally separate sound sources.



CK16-HB H bridge DC motor controller

The CK16-HB is the perfect add on for anyone wanting to control a DC motor. The unit has two simple inputs. One for direction which is either a logic high or low from the microcontroller module the other is a speed control which is the PWM out put from the microcontroller (this is *not* an analogue speed control). The module is fitted with a current limit circuit limiting the current to around 800mA but can be changed by replacing the current sense resistor. Each module will drive one DC motor.



£13.37 - Pre Order expected delivery 5th April 2017


CK16-CB Blank construction board

The CK16-CB We originally designed this board for our own use while developing the various parts of the CK16 system. We found it so useful we decided to add it to our product range. It allows anyone to build their own circuit. Both sides of the board are identical with plated through holes for easy soldering.




£1.74 - In Stock

CK16-DP Current limiting distribution Module

The CK16-DP this module is designed to work as a distribution panel. It has a single input from your power supply and splits that input to four outputs with a current limiter on each output. The current can be set by changing the large resistor on each channel. The unit is shipped with resistors to limit the current to 700mA per channel. The main application for this module is to protect both the power supply and the load from short circuits. Providing three stages of current limiting. First the module will limit the output current to the value set by the fixes resistor. If the overload is maintained for any length of time the regulator will over heat and shut down totally. Finally if all else fails the module is fitted with a traditional 5A fuse.

£10.93 - Pre Order expected delivery 5th April 2017