Figure-8 Bus Cable Red/Black 2x 32/0.20mm


  • Bare copper stranded conductors
  • Flexible, PVC jacket
  • 2x Cores, 1 black, 1 red
  • Ideal for Model railway bus cable, home cinema and audio applications
  • Max voltage drop 18.8mV/Amp per metre @20degC
  • Max resistance 18.8Ohm/Km @20degC
  • BS EN 50575:2014
    Many of the less expensive cables sold on eBay and from China will not be approved to this standard and
    could present a fire risk. This is especially important on model railway applications where the cable is often fitted to the underside
    of flammable materials such as MDF or Plywood.

Supplied by the meter, 10m or 50m reels.

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per/m, 50m reel