Excel #10 Curved Edge Carbon Steel Blades Pk.5

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Excel Blades #10 Curved Edge Replacement Blade

  • #10 Curved Edge Blade – Replacement Blades
  •  Carbon Steel
  •  Razor-sharp, curved edge for added manoeuvrability
  • The large chisel blade gives you the ultimate precision that allows you to make a more skilful cut than your traditional chisel blade.
  • We coat the blade with a thin layer of oil for rust protection.
  • This versatile replacement blade fits with all standard light duty xacto style knives
  • Used with: board, linoleum, foam core, plastic, cardboard, plaster cast, cork, metal, stone, wood, balsa wood, rubber, wax, clay and more.  This blade is used by hobbyist, wood carvers, metal workers, stone masonry, architects, costume designers, crafters, contractors, designers, and carpenters.
  • Fits with Excel Blades Handle K1, K3, K17, K18, K26 & K30 handles
  • L – 1.520/ H – 0.335/ E – 1.081/ S – 0.250/ T – 0.020
  • Made in the USA